A Warm Welcome to my newly created Website!


Hello everybody and welcome to my newly created website for all of you interested in what I do and what I've done.

I am Jaka Lozar, a 23 years old student, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, working professionally in the field of graphic design, web design and 3D modeling.

The website is mainly general information about myself and my work, however I do plan on working on the blog as well. The aim with the blog will be to cover what I'm working on and showcase progress with my work. Maybe I'll do a tutorial or two on how I do certain things.

If you're interested in the most recent updates and what's happening with my projects, I will post even more posts on my social media, so make sure to check those out right here:

I also invite you to take part in discussion, spark up ideas with me and learn together as we go along this awesome journey, so don't be afraid to say hello! 🙂

Hope you all will enjoy your stay!

~Yours truly, Jaka Lozar

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