Voxel Warfare 1945 - Weapon Collection


Hello everybody! Throughout the past few days while I was working with various clients, helping them out with websites and design, I've kind of realised that I've moved away from one of my passions - 3D modeling.

To start working on my hobby once again I've decided to link together another passion of mine, which is history - in this case focusing on weapons from the second world war.

Recently inspired by the program MagicaVoxel and its abilitiesI I've decided to give it a try ...

.... I must say it went in the complete right direction. I've created a couple of 3D models and scenes and with recently discovered game called Teardown boosting me with insparation I've decided it'd be a good idea to create assets and perhaps a game in the future using these assets.

Here they come ... !

I'll be posting newly created models on this post in the gallery down bellow with a bit of useful information about the weapon / item itself, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

Feel free to send me a message using the chat in the bottom right if you have any suggestions, opinions, comments or just wanted to say hello! ... But ... Most importantly enjoy!


I will soon categorize and write something about different factions I'll be creating weapons for.
Here's a few I'm starting with:

Faction - United States

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